Don't Know How to Roll a Blunt? This New Gadget Fixes That Forever

The Twisty Glass Blunt is a solution to an age-old problem.

I love socially smoking a little bit of what is definitely, for sure, 100 percent always tobacco with my buddies as much as the next guy. All the same, my experience is sometimes hampered by the fact I, a lame person, cannot for the life of me roll a joint or a blunt. Maybe I am just not dexterous enough. maybe I haven’t put in enough of the 10,000 hours to even be sufficient. It’s a source of shame in my life, but no longer. The Twisty Glass Blunt is the new, permanent solution for novices and experts alike. Not only is it easy as hell, but you can use it forever.

Just pack the blunt, twist in the corkscrew-like apparatus, light the end, and go for it. It’ll never fall apart in your hands, and it looks pretty damn good, too.

You can get 10 percent off the Twisty Glass Blunt over at the Inverse Shop right this moment.