Tesla Autopilot Prices Just Went Up as New Features Roll Out


Tesla raised the price of its semi-autonomous Autopilot upgrade this week, pushing the cost of the software unlock when requested after the initial car purchase from $6,000 to $7,000. The company, which recently rolled out a series of upgrades for the system, also added a note that the price is subject to rise after this date.

The price rise, as spotted by Electrek, follows a number of changes to Tesla’s driver assist purchase options. The semi-autonomous Autopilot mode enables simple maneuvers like following a highway when the driver is holding the wheel and parking into spaces. The company previously offered a pre-order for full point-to-point self-driving for users that had already chosen the enhanced Autopilot upgrade, priced at $3,000 at the time of car’s purchase of $5,000 thereafter, but this was removed last month after CEO Elon Musk stated the option caused “confusion.”

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The move comes as Tesla rolls out a number of big changes to Autopilot. The “drive on navigation” feature follows the car’s GPS system to exit the highway at the appropriate turning depending on the destination. Musk has also claimed that an updated version of “Summon” will launch in six weeks’ time that will drive to meet owners and follow them “like a pet,” while also enabling RC car-style remote controls when line of sight is maintained.

The addition of Tesla’s new disclaimer perhaps indicates the company’s previous problems with raising these prices. The company raised the price of full autonomous driving when purchased after the car had been delivered, moving from $4,000 to $5,000 in June. The company told Electrek that it planned to offer those buyers that bought the car under the old price regime to still take advantage of the $4,000 tag.

As for when full autonomous driving may launch? Musk said in an interview on Friday that he’s confident the company could achieve full autonomous driving next year.

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