‘American Horror Story’ Season 8 Spoilers: Will Mead Be Loyal to Michael?

We finally learn why Kathy Bates is a robot, and what it could mean for the final episodes.

Early on in American Horror Story: Apocalypse, we learned that Kathy Bates’ Miriam Mead was a robot. Now, six episode after that in Season 8, we finally got an origin story for her character, and it might just include a warning for Michael Langdon (aka the Antichrist) with big ramifications for the final episodes of the season.

'American Horror Story'


Spoilers for American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 8 “Sojourn” below.

With the help of some eager new followers, Michael had Mead’s likeness at his side once more by the end of the episode.

Despite Cordelia’s warning that only she could break the spell hiding Mead’s soul, Michael set out to bring her back to his side (and swore vengeance on both Cordelia and her entire coven). To pull this off, he visited a group of Satanic worshippers who also happened to own a robotics company and were more than happy to help the Antichrist.

Michael Langdon, the Antichrist


Using Michael’s memories of her, they created Robot Mead, but before turning her on, they had some words of advice for Michael. First of all, he should never tell her she was a robot because it could lead to a deadly existential crisis. Also, he shouldn’t expect her to be “her old self” immediately.

“It’s going to take some time,” they explained. “She needs to learn from you, build a rapport, like any relationship.”

Though Robot Mead recognized Michael immediately and said she’d missed him, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything will be back to how it was before. After all, there were several moments in “Sojourn” that could foreshadow a split between the two characters in upcoming episodes.

“My Ms. Mead will stand by me as we watch you die,” Michael swore to Cordelia at the beginning of the episode. However, Robot Mead is not exactly his Ms. Mead. Could Robot Mead turn on him, perhaps if he doesn’t take the time to build a relationship with her like her creators said he needed to do?

Robot Mead did stand by his side when it came to choosing between him and Ms. Venable, but she didn’t know why she killed the woman at the time. Could she suffer an existential crisis that leads to her switching sides and working against him? Michael seemed so sure he’d have her with him when he faces Cordelia for the final time, but Mead also spent time with Ms. Venable away from him.

There’s also the fact that she has an “on” switch. While she can go on forever, the existence of such a switch suggests that she could be turned off. Michael might be the only one who knows where that switch is located, since he was present at the time of her creation, but Cordelia could discover it as well and use it to her advantage. What if Michael doesn’t have a Mead at his side because Cordelia takes that away from in an attempt to stop his evil plan? Or worse, what if Mead turns on Michael on her own?

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