12 Incredible Items You Need to Upgrade Your Home

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If you’ve been using the same furniture for 15+ years or find yourself watching “House Hunters” and wanting to redo every inch of your home, it might (hint: it is) be time for an upgrade.

Though HGTV might tell you otherwise, you don’t need to replace all of your furniture or demolish half of your place to give it a refresh. In fact, a couple of new products and fixtures can modernize any space without the cost of a total remodel.

There are tons of catalogs and online marketplaces out there complete with hundreds of designs in a range of price points, so knowing where to start is the hardest part. And for that, we decided to help you out.

From a minimalistic storage unit and a spa-like shower head to an affordable mattress in a box and a chic coffee maker that puts every one you’ve ever used to shame, here are 12 items that will dress up any room and add that extra spark you’ve been hoping for. It’s time to make Joanna and Chip Gaines proud.

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