Find Your Next Backpack With 20 Percent Off at Matador

Now's the time to stock up on adventure gear.

by Shane Roberts

Matador has no equal when it comes to packable adventure gear, and today you can save 20% on their entire lineup with promo code SKIMTADOR.

I’ve extensively used every product Matador has made. I’ve protected my Sony A7 in Alaska in their Camera Base Layer, hydrated in Joshua Tree with their Hydralite Backpack, and… actually that’s not true I haven’t used their fanny pack. (Yet?)

But Matador isn’t just for the outdoors. Their incredible FlatPak Toiletry bottles have become a permanent fixture in my Dopp kit, and pretty much anyone can benefit from a tote bag or seating blanket that fold down to nothing when not in use.

20% off site wide with code SKIMTADOR