The World's Coziest Comforter Is Now Cheaper Than Ever

It's unlike anything you've slept under before.

by Shane Roberts

The direct to consumer Buffy comforter is good for your allergies, good for the environment, and you can save 20% on it with code SKIMBUFFY. Buffy turned down feathers and went all in on plant-based fibers, which they claim are hypoallergenic, resistant to mites and microbes, and have anti-inflammatory properties. Better yet, they offer a risk free 30-day trial.

The Buffy doesn’t feel like anything you’ve slept under before: the weight and texture are different than down and the many down alternatives out there. Buffy uses the word “fluffy” a lot, which is very apropos, and a very different feeling than “lofty.” The real measure of a comforter is its heaviness to how likely it is to overheat you ratio, and the Buffy scores extremely well on this metric. I overheat extremely easily, and had no issues with the Buffy in a room between 70-75 degrees.

Buffy is feel-good in both the cozy and social senses, and a whole lot more affordable than good down. Even more so today with 20% off.

20% off Buffy with promo code SKIMBUFFY

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