The Future Is Nonsense Without Wireless Earphones

We can take selfies and send spacecraft out of the solar system, so what's with all the wires. 

David Becker, Getty Images

I don’t need a hoverboard. I don’t dream of robots in the living room. I don’t even need to live forever. The only technology I desire is wireless earbuds. Yet in 2015, they are still a dim and distant dream.

A quick search on Best Buy’s website proves that I can find various kind of wireless headphones. But headphones aren’t the future. The future is tiny speakers I can place in my ears — so where are they already?

Wireless earbuds do, technically speaking, exist. But none of them are on the market. They’re experimental products with nice websites or projects that are still relying on crowd funding. Though people have used and tried these products, there’s little sign of them coming to a local digital store near you anytime soon.

There is not much I ask from this world, and I appreciate the wonderful basics I have been afforded: streaming Netflix, texting, vaccines. But the ability to listen to music in my ear without wires remains a sadly unattainable goal. The past is never really past.

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