The Secret You Need to Get Promoted Has Never Been Cheaper

It's the first step to a six-figure salary.

Unsplash / Alexandru Acea
  • The Details:
  • Get the skinny on popular project management methodologies, including Agile, Lean, Scrum, and TQM.
  • Learn how to use management software and leverage performance analysis in the workplace.
  • Get an idea of how project management figures in various industries, and the skills required for a range of PM roles.
  • Take a suite of mock tests to reinforce what you learn along the way, and earn certificates for every course completed.

Why You Want It: If you’re someone who loves helping others in the workplace—coordinating with different parts of the company, keeping morale high, allocating resources and setting schedules—project management offers a natural outlet, not to mention a six-figure salary. This bundle offers over 100 courses and all the skill-building you need to make the switch over to this exciting career.

The Deal: You get lifetime access to 300 hours of instructional content from a leading provider for just $19 after 98% off. If you’re considering a career in project management, it’s an easy yes.