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10 Hemp Oil Products on Amazon for Curious First-Time Buyers

CBD and hemp oils are on the rise. If you haven’t heard yet heard of these magical tinctures, they are constituents of cannabis that come from different parts of the hemp plant but doesn’t get you high. Instead, they have a number of medicinal properties and side effects—namely sleepiness, reduced anxiety, and relief for aches and pains. CBD oil is very potent, but hemp oil is slightly weaker than CBD, so it’s a good place to start if you’ve never dabbled in CBD before and are afraid of the strong effects you may experience.

With all the CBD and hemp products out there, we’ve decided to save you the work of weeding through all of them and have pulled our 10 favorite hemp oil-based products that you can get with the click of a button on Amazon.

Hemp Oil for Sleep

Nature Driven Hemp Oil Extract


St. Moritz Organic Raw Hemp Extract


Hemp Oil for Pain Relief

Hemprich Hemp Extract Pain Relief Cream


R&R Medicinals Hemp Oil


Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick


[Premium Organic’s Ultra Premium Hemp Oil](https://www.amazon.com/Hemp-Oil-Pain-Relief-Inflammatory/dp/B07C5CZDG3/ref=sr_1_5_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1539647093&sr=8-5&keywords=CBD+oil+for+pain


HolistiHemp Hemp Oil Extract


Hemp Oil for Anxiety/Stress

Nature’s Landscape Hemp Oil Extract


Hemp Works Ultra Premium Hemp Oil


Potent Naturals Hemp Oil Drops


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