Elon Musk: How Attention to Detail Shows in His Favorite Tesla Interior

Elon Musk has revealed his favorite combination of Tesla interior, and it demonstrates his company’s attention to detail in designing its cars. The CEO shared a video Sunday that shows how the car’s ultra-white seats hold up after 25,000 miles of driving — with little sign of wear and tear.

The interior option is perhaps the most striking in the lineup, and resulted from the painstaking process of designing the Model X. Electrek noted that the sports utility vehicle was delayed due to its exotic features and high-quality design, with falcon wing doors that swing open upwards. Musk focused on making the seats into a “sculptural work of art,” which in part led to the car’s delay by nearly a year and a half. The vegan synthetic leather debuted first on the X before moving over to the S and replacing the previous leather options, but the latter versions lack the perforation found in the larger vehicle.

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Not everyone agrees that the white seats hold up well. YouTuber Bjørn Nyland stated that his seats show a lot of wear after 75,000 miles over 15 months, with the perforation tearing in use and the stains from blue jeans remaining on the lower cushions. However, YouTuber “DÆrik”noted that using a simple set of baby wipes can remove many stains from the seats.

It’s unlikely that Musk will repeat this painstaking process with future vehicles. The company’s next car, the Model 3, was designed for simple production, while the Model Y is set to take things even further. Musk told investors in early 2016 that there was “some hubris with the Model X,” noting that “we over-engineered the car.” Musk declared that he was “not sure anyone will make a car like this again.”

In future, Tesla is expected to focus on reaching a mass market. The company is expected to announce its next vehicle, the Model Y, in the spring of next year.

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