Visit the Moon (Kind Of) With This Wildly Advanced AR Kit

The LUNAR AR Moon Model can send you to space from your living room.

We all want to go to space. Okay, maybe no all. I sure as hell don’t. It looks cold and dangerous and there’s never anything good on TV up there because there is no TV up there, but I get it. Unlocking the mysteries of the universe comes at a price for astronauts, but it doesn’t have to for you.

The LUNAR AR Moon Model is an astounding little piece of hardware and software engineering that lets you explore the moon right in the palm of your hand. Through the Augmented Reality function of the AstroReality app, you can experience the sights, sounds, and touch of the moon. Featuring the moon’s seas, craters, dead volcanoes, and more in stunning detail, this incredible model is made only more astounding by the trivia and stories added by AR.

With the model and the app, you’ll learn about the moon through facts, trivia, and lunar stories (I don’t know what those are but it sounds really cool), bring the moon to life at your fingertips through advanced technology, and explore amazing landmarks on the LUNAR Regular model using the sun & Earth for added context. It sounds trippy and cool as hell.

Normally $102, the LUNAR AR Moon Model is currently 22 percent off at just $79.