The Top Deals on Fall Essentials Right Now

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Unsplash / Alisa Anton

Welcome to Autums! Here at the beginning of the season alongside the changing of the leaves you’ll find carefully-curated cocktails on your local bar’s menu incorporating things like “smoky whiskey” and cinnamon, all manner of heavy flannel shirts, and the returns of a bunch of network TV shows that, gun to your head, you thought were cancelled years ago.

You’ll also find that, hey, wasn’t it just winter? how are you so unprepared for the change in weather already? You own like, two sweaters, max, and you have no idea where the thermostat in your new apartment is. Don’t worry; we’ve got you.

Finding the essentials to get through fall can be taxing, not least because it’s kinda a transition month. One moment it’s 30 degrees out and you’re trying to get your one nice coat dry cleaned in time for your date on Wednesday, the next it’s hot again in the middle of October? For some stupid reason? Anyway, here are some fall essentials to help get you in the spirit of things.

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