'The Night Before': Bros Get Their Holiday Comedy

Dirty mouths and hearts of gold are the signature of Seth Rogen.

I’m a Seth Rogen defender. I like his style of comedy. Dirty humor is juvenile and his penchant for weed is overplayed, but his movies generally have a solid heart of gold and usually a dick joke of gold, as well. His next film, The Night Before, looks to crank up “bros with feelings” up to 11.

The film reunites director Jonathan Levine with Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, all of whom previously collaborated on 50/50.

Yes, it looks like a typical Rogen movie. There are jokes about Jews and Jesus Christ because it’s a Christmas movie, and the impeccably handsome, boy-next-door Levitt who would be the ideal husband in the eyes of any mother, raps a cuss-laden Wu-Tang lyric at a fetus. Anthony Mackie — you might know him as Falcon — also stars in what looks a bit like a Hangover sequel set in Manhattan during Hanukkah.

But you know what you’re getting into with a Rogen movie, and lately, he’s been on a solid run with This Is The End, Neighbors and The Interview. The Night Before comes out Nov. 25, 2015.

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