These Cheap Laptops Give You the Best Value for Money

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Unsplash / Nathan Dumlao

For so long now, the answer to the questions “which laptop should I get?” Has seemed obvious to the vast majority of people. Some variety of Apple product, they’d argue. Go to any coffee shop or office across the land and you’ll be greeted with a sea of shining apple-shaped beacons beaming out the backs of screens. But, there’s another way.

Computing technology is reaching, if not a plateau, a slowing down phase. They’re not getting many times faster every year like they once were, and even mid-range laptops from the inexpensive brands can last you years if you treat them right, and know what you need it for. The fact of the matter is, a lot of people don’t need all that computing power they’re lugging around with the MacBook Pro, not nearly.

And there are tons of options out there for the budget laptop-needer. We’ve put together a list of our favorites and why we absolutely love them.

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