Hero Postman Upgrades Kid's Reading Diet from Junk Mail to Books

Yet he's still delivering debris to the rest of us.

Ron Lynch's Facebook

You know how when your local mail carrier delivers you a copy of Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me, it’s because you’re a member of Amazon Prime? This story is a little bit different.

Last week, a postman in Sandy, Utah (south of Salt Lake City) noticed a 12-year-old boy on his route reading junk mail. And what’s more: The child asked for more. Wipe that drool from your lips, Publishers Clearing House and Discover Card: The kid, Mathew Flores, loves to read. He doesn’t play video games and isn’t attached to an iPad screen. In short, this child might be our savior as a civilization because he knows what a printed newspaper is. He was just stuck reading the literal garbage most of throw out almost as fast as we can rip it in half.

So, U.S. Postal Service employee Ron Lynch became the anti-Newman. When he asked the boy, Mathew Flores, why he didn’t hit up the local library, the boy said he couldn’t afford a bus pass. That’s when Lynch came to the rescue. He posted a plea on his Facebook asking for book donations. It went viral, and Flores is now collecting volumes by the hundreds. Here’s the post in case you want to send Flores the deluxe edition of The Lord of the Rings or if you just want to read Internet comments that will make you actually feel like thoughtful human beings still exist.

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