These Headphones Are So Cheap It's Crazy

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Unsplash / Malte Wingen

A good pair of headphones is a modern-day essential for literally everyone in the world. Not only do they play your favorite music real good, or blast podcasts while you’re at work “catching up on emails”, but they’re also absolutely great for shutting out the sounds and voices of the rest of the world. For music lovers and unpleasant malcontents alike, you gotta have some good, reliable headphones.

But also, money’s tight, so they need to be cost-saving, too. $200 ultra-high-fidelity headphones are all very well and good but what if you lose them? What happens when you discover the newest pair of Beats actually has WORSE bass than the earbuds that came with your phone? We’ve all been there.

We searched for not only the best but the cheapest headphones in all varieties out there. Bluetooth, wired, over-ear, in-ear, you name it. We found a bunch of great headphones that give the big brands a run for their money in sound quality, but also cost less than your average pair. Here are 12 headphones so cheap, it actually seems nuts.

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