'Spider-Man' PS4 Post-Credits Scene: Should Players Stick Around?

Spidey will stick around, but should you?

The latest and greatest Spider-Man video game is about to swing onto the PlayStation 4, offering a pretty lengthy gaming experience with a veteran webslinger and tons of high-profile villains. But very soon everyone will wonder: Does Marvel’s Spider-Man have any post-credits scenes that tease the future of this new game universe?

We won’t spoil anything here, so feel free to read on.

Here’s the honest short answer: Spider-Man has some sort of post-credits teaser, so gamers should definitely stick around after the main action wraps up and watch the entire duration of the credits.

You’ll get no specifics from us right now, but oh boy are they worth the wait, and they make us hopeful for where this excellent new gaming franchise might go in the future.

'Spider-Man' for PlayStation 4 offers a thrilling adventure

Marvel Entertainment

Spider-Man explores the superhero double-life of Peter Parker as the famous webslinger, but rather than a novice hero like Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man, this version is a veteran eight years into his tenure. Despite that, Peter Parker still doesn’t have his life together — hence the eviction notice he gets early on for not paying his rent. He’s a great Spider-Man, but just not the best at adulting in his “real” life.

Plenty of Spidey’s enemies have already been put away at the start of the game, and the opening act of the game has the player take down Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, in an epic assault on Fisk Tower.

The bulk of the game explores the fallout of that opening sequence. With Wilson Fisk behind bars and his criminal operations greatly subdued, who’s going to fill that power vacuum? The main organization that rises to the occasion is a gang called the Inner Demons, as led by the lesser-known villain Mister Negative.

Ultimately, Spider-Man respects Marvel canon while also creating something entirely new. Miles Morales plays a role, and so does a refreshingly different version of Mary Jane Watson. But we’ll leave these secrets, and others, for players to discover on their own.

Spider-Man on the Sony PlayStation 4 will be released officially on Friday, September 7, 2018.

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