Everything You Need to Know About the 9 New Supers in 'Destiny 2: Forsaken'

Which will you choose?


Destiny 2: Forsaken is finally here and with it come new missions, new weapons, and, perhaps more importantly, new Supers. These special abilities are one of the best parts of the game, and in Destiny 2: Forsaken you’ll get nine new Supers to explore. Here’s what you need to know.

To start, you’ll need to unlock your new Supers, and that works slightly differently in Destiny 2: Forsaken. Pretty early on you’ll get a quest to unlock your first Super. From there, subsequent Super-related quests will get more difficult, so make sure you pick the abilities that work best with your playlist early on.

With that said, here’s a quick look at all nine new subclasses and Supers featured in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Titan: Sentinel - Code of the Commander

This subclass relies heavily on the Titan’s shield, with a Super that creates a giant protective energy wall shielding you and your allies from enemy fire. You can still shoot at the bad guys from behind your cover, but you’ll be safe. As an added bonus, the shield will explode any enemies it comes in contact with and safely detonate nearby bombs, refueling your grenade energy and health in the process.

Titan: Sunbreaker - Code of the Devastator

This Titan subclass gets a flaming hammer to throw at your enemies. The Super ability allows you to spin around to create a wall of fire or smash the ground to shoot out a fiery tornado. You can also simply chuck your flaming hammer at enemies, and picking it up automatically recharges that throwing ability while also causing your health to regenerate.

Titan: Striker - Code of the Missile

This subclass is all about flying up in the air and striking down at your enemies like a missile. Your Super essentially turns you into a bomb, crashing down on your enemies. Your melee attack is similar and helps recharge the Super more quickly. As an extra bonus, any ammo you pick up while sliding will instantly reload your weapons.

Warlock: Voidwalker - Attunement of Fission

Moving onto the Warlock subclasses, the first one features a Super in which you teleport across the ground and then explode as your reappear. Your melee also creates an explosion, and scoring kills with these attacks will help restore your health and ability energy.

Warlock: Stormcaller - Attunement of Control

For this subclass, your Super shoots a beam of powerful energy. You can also control the beam, shutting it off whenever you want to conserve your remaining Super energy. Meanwhile, your melee attack shoots an exploding orb of electricity. As an added bonus, any kills you get with arc damage will cause Ionic Traces to drop, which you can collect for ability energy and a speed boost for your teammates.

Warlock: Dawnblade - Attunement of Grace

Finally, this Warlock subclass features a Super where you stab your sword into the ground, buffing your enemies with extra health and strength for 30 seconds. Your melee sword ability also buffs teammates while burning the bad guys, and holding a grenade for long enough will transform it into a healing boost for your allies

Hunter: Nightstalker - Way of the Wraith

The first new Hunter subclass features a Super that lets your turn invisible so you can sneak up on your enemies for an unexpected killing blow. You’ll also get smoke bombs, and any precision kills you pull off at full health will also turn you briefly invisible.

Hunter: Gunslinger - Way of a Thousand Cuts

This subclass is all about knives, with a Super that has you tossing a barrage of exploding blades at your enemies. You can target more than one bad guy at once, and each knife will lock onto one of them and target automatically. Your melee ability also involves throwing knives. Burning an enemy will recharge your dodge ability, while killing one that’s already on fire recharges your melee.

Hunter: Arcstrider - War of the Current

Last but not least, this subclass Super lets you spin your staff to knock bullets and other projectiles back at your enemies. This also buffs the weapon’s damage in general. Sliding into an attack will activate an uppercut move that shoots electricity out at your enemies, and hitting bad guys with arc ability will zap them as well. Once someone has been electrified you can hit them again to recharge your own abilities.

That’s just a quick guide to the new Supers in Destiny 2: Forsaken. To figure out what you prefer you’ll have to try a few different options out, but at least this way you’ll have a good idea of what to select when you’re getting started.

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