Become a Leader in Business With This Entrepreneur Bundle

The Entrepreneur's Launch Pad Bundle is the first step to self-employment success.

Unsplash / Studio Republic

We all want to be our own boss; make our own schedule, work on things that interest us, and pay ourselves millions upon millions of dollars, but knowing where to start on the road to self-employment freedom is, obviously, a big ask a lot of people simply don’t have time for. A lot of people simply fall into becoming a successful entrepreneur, but there are certainly some core skills you can pick up, and certain software programs that help that path become a little clearer.

The Entrepreneur’s Launch Pad Bundle is one such way to find that path. With four essential apps each worth at least $97, this $20 bundle is more than value for money right now. We have no idea how long this sale will last, but investing in the bundle will get you serious task-managing power in key areas such as:

  • Providing better customer service through arranging needs by priority, and coming up with a “ticketing” system to deal with requests.
  • Managing a workforce and projects with time management software
  • Retargeting advertisements
  • Becoming an SEO expert with SEOPop, a powerful SEO tracking and optimization app that shoots you up the results page on Google.

The normal cost of The Entrepreneur’s Launch Pad Bundle, bought together without a discount, would be $688 but today it’s $19.99. Now’s the time to invest in yourself.

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