The Coolest, Tech-Focused Backpacks of the Future

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Unsplash / Felix Russell-Saw

You don’t realize what a game-changer a great backpack is until you’ve traded in your old-ass, useless one. I hung on to a ratty old Jansport number for years, my possession clunking around and my back perpetually sore, then one day I bought a new one with post-2010 backpack technology, and my life changed. Now I am a new man. My back is straighter, my water bottle firmly affixed and secluded from my laptop, and I am suddenly very attractive and wealthy. Coincidence? not for me to say.

Here are the ten best backpacks on the market right now for the tech-savvy user and the rugged outdoorsman alike. Whether you need a good bag with a built-in USB charger for college or just a place to store a bunch of M&Ms for on-the-go snacking, these will all do the trick.

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