'Castle Rock' Opening Credits: Every Stephen King Easter Egg, Explained

There's... a lot.

If you have even a sliver of Stephen King fandom inside of you, you’re probably watching Castle Rock. It’s like a dark, creepy orgy with all of his stories, ready to be streamed at your convenience. The actual show is packed with plenty of Stephen King characters and references, but the opening credits are the real treasure trove of easter eggs. While they only last a mere 20 seconds, dozens of hidden references are slipped in there. We broke it down, frame by frame, and found every single one. It wasn’t easy.

Some of these easter eggs are pretty obvious. There are a few that are just simply the title of books, you might catch the word “It” or “Shining” or “Cujo” on a torn piece of paper. Others are tucked away, not so easily found.

In one sequence, three images fly across the screen, lasting for a single frame. The first is an image of a tower, which is a zoomed-in portion of an older cover of the novel Needful Things. The next is bloody letters, which is the serialized “Stephen King” signature from the cover of a few of his books. Then finally, a snarling dog mouth, which is from the cover of an old copy of Cujo. And that’s just three frames!

One of the frames is of a small tower from the cover of a specific 'Needful Things' edition.

The rest of the credits are just as jam-packed, including a frame of a map of Maine that has at least six Stephen King easter eggs hidden around it. To see the full breakdown, watch the video above.

If you catch anything that we missed, let us know. A certain image has been haunting us for days now, and we would love to solve this mystery ASAP.

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