Roster Dreams: Goombas in a Stack Stomp Mario Back in ‘Smash Bros Ultimate’

So silly it might just work.


Super Smash Bros. definitely isn’t know for being the most realistic fighting game around. This is a franchise where psychic children fight flame-breathing dinosaurs and Mario can team up with his mortal-enemy Bowser. But a stack of three Goombas fighting in unison in Smash Bros. Ultimate? That might be going too far.

Welcome to Roster Dreams, a special series from Inverse discussing some of the best fan-suggested additions to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster.

Ok, so what exactly would a stack of three Goombas look like in *Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? And, more importantly, how would they play? Have I piqued your curiosity? Well, you’re in luck because Reddit user blargman has the answers. A detailed hand-drawn graphic for “LIterally 3 Goombas in a stack” offers a taste of what Nintendo might be able to dream up for this unlikely roster addition.

Some of these moves don’t exactly make sense, but a few of them are pretty interesting. Hitting Side A could cause the Goomba stack to temporarily collapse like a falling tree, crushing any opponents underneath. B Up gives the Goombas temporary wings to recover from off the stage, while B Side could involve tossing one Goomba at your enemies or having all three rush forward in unison. There’s also a Final Smash where each Goomba gets its own big green shoe to stomp everyone else in the battle.

To take things one step further: What if, similar to Ice Climbers, you could lose one (or even two Goombas) but keep on fighting? That would essentially give each Goomba stack two additional lives, making it an extra-strong character. Then again, once you got down to just a single Goomba the chance of getting stomped by your opponent (Mario or otherwise) would probably be a lot higher.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches December 7 for Nintendo Switch.

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