3 Things Every Grown Adult Should Have in Their House

Some quick tricks to make it seem like you have your life together.

Unsplash / Siniz Kim

The trick to being a normal, functioning adult in modern society isn’t anything mind-blowing. You should probably have a savings account and at least a perfunctory understanding of what a senator is, but other than that, the dirty secret is nobody knows what they’re doing at any point.

One way you can make it seem like you have your shit relatively together is at home, a space you yourself control entirely (barring any interference from roommates, parents, siblings, children, or cats). We found three things no self-respecting adult, nor self-respecting-presenting adult, should go without. You will thank us later.

A Floor Lamp

I cannot emphasize enough just how radically a floor lamp transforms any living space from “potential crack den” into “chill central: population you.” Overhead lighting is the devil’s greatest trick, and is appropriate in only these two instances: 1. Rearranging furniture, or 2: You’re looking for something you lost. Get a floor lamp, already. We’re fans of this cheap, effective number from IKEA, but god’s honest truth is you can’t really go wrong. These are tools, not art installations, but if you want a more refined approach, this offering from Brightech is classy and pretty. Pair any of these with some cool smart bulbs to really take your space up a notch.

Drinking Glasses

I’m sure you’re a nice, friendly, trustworthy person, but when you offer a houseguest a drink and present them with a tattered old mug bearing a half-visible insignia from the college you graduated from eight years ago, you look like a monster. You don’t need anything fancy, and can even serve wine in these in a pinch, but you need some honest-to-God drinking glasses. This set of 12 in two different sizes will do the trick.

TV Sound Bar

I’m begging you, I’m seriously begging you: get a sound bar for your TV. if not for yourself, then for your dates who will be instantly impressed you put even a modicum of effort into your Netflix viewing experience. It’s no hassle, outrageously cheap, and a sound investment for years.

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