'Fortnite' Heavy Sniper: 5 Incredible Ways Players Are Using the New Weapon

It's so big and powerful. 

Wednesday saw the release of the Heavy Sniper Rifle in Fortnite: Battle Royale, T\the powerful new weapon can not only easily take out players with one shot, it can also decimate any object in its path. Naturally, Fortnite players are making full use of rifle’s potential.

The Fortnite: Battle Royale subreddit this week is full of videos that show players demonstrating the awesome power of the Heavy Sniper Rifle. No fort is safe from its incredible power, which makes the end of matches much tenser as the player with the weapon can destroy anything in between them and their opponents.

Don’t Look for Help From the Trees

A video from Reddit user Cawhep shows them at the end of the match with one other player left. When their opponent decides to hide behind a tree in order to take a few seconds to down a Shield Potion, Cawhep whips out the Heavy Sniper Rifle to destroy the tree and then use a second sniper rifle to take down his opponent. Expect to see the usage of double sniper rifles in future matches with the Heavy Sniper Rifle destroy obstacles and then a quick switch to another weapon to down the other player. Two shots are all that’s needed to make nowhere safe on the island.

Who Needs a Scope?

BlackStar-Sama posted their video using the Heavy Sniper Rifle. In general, firing a rifle without using the scope is just a waste of bullets, but they proved that the Heavy Sniper is still accurate with or without the scope.

Surprise the Enemy by Destroying Your Own Walls

Toward the end of a match, players will construct their own walls to gain a few seconds to recover and plan an attack. The holes in a wall help with the plan to safely see where the opponent is. In the case of a video from Reddit user D96T, the holes can help line up a shot to take down another player. Then when ready, use the Heavy Sniper to destroy their own protective wall in front them and then follow up with a second shot from another rifle for the kill.

Snipe Walls to Set a Trap

For high-level Fortnite: Battle Royale play, it’s important to quickly use the edit function on walls to escape or surprise players surrounding a structure. However, one player used a quick shot from the Heavy Sniper Rifle to destroy a wall and then replace it with one of their own. The result is their opponent doing their best to edit the wall thinking it’s theirs, but to only find the move fruitless and being taken down in their own structure.

Oh Yeah!

Like the Kool-Aid Man, a Reddit user found the Heavy Sniper Rifle to be a quicker way of opening doors without using the pesky action button. Along with destroying fences, brick walls, and whatever else is in their way.

In less than a day, Fortnite: Battle Royale players already discovered new ways to make use of the Heavy Sniper Rifle. Expect to see the weapon be a focal point for future events up until the point Epic decides to nerf it.

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