Oreo Has an Inverse Solution for International Lefthanders Day

Who knew opening a package of cookies could be so difficult?

by Josie Rhodes Cook

Move over, righties. Oreo has a solution for left-handed cookie eaters this International Lefthanders Day, for a problem that the right-handers of the world may have no idea is an issue in the first place for many Oreo fans.

To celebrate the holiday, Oreo released a limited-edition box of Oreo cookies designed specifically for lefties. Because apparently, poor lefties have been struggling this whole time with getting to the delicious snacks and being faced with no hope of a viable solution.

That’s right: we live in a world where even Oreo cookie packages are biased toward right-handed individuals. So in order to right that wrong, Nabisco created special Left-Handed Oreo packages, which are reportedly easier for lefties to get into because the flap opens on the right side. Standard Oreo packages have a left side opening instead.

There was no awareness campaign for this problem that Oreo fans the world over have had to endure, but Nabisco must have decided that enough was enough, because the packages were released just in time for International Left-Handers Day on August 13. That, or the company thought it would be a good PR move around the holiday.

A representative working on behalf of OREO sent the following statement to Inverse, from Justin Parnell, Global Brand Director, OREO: “OREO is always looking to connect with our consumers and celebrate what’s going on in their lives and in pop culture. So in honor of International Left Handers Day, we decided to create a playful experience for our left-handed fans and actually re-designed a limited-run of our packaging so it now opens the ‘left’ way.”

The move has definitely created some buzz on social media. And if nothing else, it’s going to get people to buy the limited edition cookies for a few days.

All a leftie has to do to get one of these special packages of Oreo cookies is fill out this request form. Then, the company will reportedly send anyone who fills it out a package of left-handed Oreo cookies for just $3.

Delish also reports that anyone who lives in Left Hand, West Virginia gets these leftie cookies with no request form necessary. “Each one of your 390 citizens will be getting a pack of Left-Handed Oreo Cookies in the mail soon,” the company reportedly wrote in an open letter to the tiny town.

It appears that, at least for now, the lifelong struggle left-handers have had to deal with when it comes to getting into a pack of Oreos has come to an end.

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