These 'Star Wars' Collector Toys Are Getting Out of Hand

Literally out of hand. You can't hold this Millennium Falcon toy.


Somebody stop Hot Toys. The makers of extremely high-end collectible figures from pop culture have outdone themselves and peaked the collector’s market by revealing an 18-foot, 1:6 scale replica of the Millennium Falcon.

This is it. There is nothing left. We will be buried under luxury plastic.

The near life-size Millennium Falcon is currently on display for the weekend in Hong Kong at the An-Com and Games Conference.

The ship is intended to go along with its replica Star Wars figures, but if you’re insane enough to collect Hot Toys in the first place feel free to toss in your Michael Keaton Batman or Scarlett Johansson and see your most bizarre fanfiction come to life.

Exactly who is this toy market for now? You have to be crazy wealthy enough, but also a passionate nerd without many bills to pay and dignity to lose. This is 18 feet of floor space to sacrifice for a toy.

A price has not been announced for the toy nor a release date for the consumer market, that is if anyone can afford it.