This SXSW Panel About the Gig Economy Will Be Sourced Using the Gig Economy

The only panel featuring the person who drove you to the panel.

It’s hard to walk around the internet these days without tripping over a new thinkpiece about how the gig economy is ruining, saving, or inexorably altering our country. To get a first-hand look into the true impact of the gig economy, we’re sourcing a local panel entirely via apps like TaskRabbit, Fiverr, and Handy. Their gig? Join a panel, and talk about their experience with the gig economy.

The group will find out how the gig economy is affecting the workforce on both a personal level and from a macroeconomic perspective. The conversation will be anchored by economist Marshall Steinbaum of the Roosevelt Institute and moderated by Inverse’s Rollie Williams. And it’s probably the only panel that will feature guests who were putting up shelves 20 minutes before they hit the stage.

Marshall Steinbaum, Ph.D., is a research director and a fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, where he researches market power and inequality. He works on tax policy, antitrust and competition policy, and the labor market. He is a co-editor of After Piketty: The Agenda for Economics and Inequality and his work has appeared in Democracy, Boston Review, Jacobin, the Journal of Economic Literature, the Industrial and Labor Relations Review, and ProMarket. Steinbaum earned a doctorate in economics from the University of Chicago.

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