Everything to Know About the 'Super Smash Bros.' 'Fortnite' Dance

Look at Link bust a move. 


It’s pretty common to see animations for one game make their way into another thanks to some clever work by certain individuals. One YouTube video shows how far this tech has come with characters from Smash Bros. doing a well-known Fortnite dance.

YouTuber Master0fHyrule uploaded a video titled “What If Every Character Tries to Do the ‘Fortnite’ Default Dance in ‘Smash Bros. Wii U?’ The footage consists of all the characters from the fighting game doing the Dance Moves emote. Some characters such as Sheik, Captain Falcon, and Samus pull off the dance without a hitch, but others are quite the sight to see.

Probably the most awkward dance is the one from Pikachu. Let’s just say, something that should not be seen by those with a faint heart is the long-legged electric Pokémon trying to get down.


To accomplish this strange crossover, Master0fHyrule and others created 3D models of the Super Smash Bros. Wii U roster. Then comes the animation, and in this case, it’s the Fortnite dance that was inspired by Donald Faison’s dance in the Scrubs episode, “My Half-Acre.” Master0fHyrule did something similar with other videos displaying how the Super Smash Bros. Wii U characters would look doing Sonic the Hedgehog’s and Mario’s taunts from the game.

To show how the video came to be, Master0fHyrule will upload clips with transparent backgrounds so everyone can take a look at how the magic happens if this crossover video gets more than 15,000 likes. Although in the case of Pikachu, maybe that’s something better left unseen.

Fortnite: Battle Royale emotes are part of the regular rotation of in-game cosmetics Epic Games makes available every day. Instead of paying for the emote, players can unlock them using the Battle Pass where the more Battle Points a player gets, the more cosmetics they unlock. Those points mainly come from the Weekly Challenges that launch every Thursday, but some data miners release the challenges a day early giving some players a bit of an edge of what to expect when they go live.

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