Learn To Code With This Outrageously Discounted Course Bundle

The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle is already cheap, and we've got a code to make it even cheaper.

Unsplash / Alexandru Acea

Don’t you wish you’d learned how to code? I know I do. All everyone tells you these days is to get into coding in school. That’s where the jobs are; that’s where the money is. It’s too late for me, as I am instead deeply embedded in the lucrative business of writing for the internet in 2018. But you still have a chance to save yourself, and that’s where The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle comes in.

The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle of five courses covers a beginner-to-expert transition for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and tons more. You’ll get a solid introduction to HTML, complete with 40 lectures and nearly three hours of video tutorials, available 24/7.

SQL, PHP, Javasript, CSS, it’s all covered in one easy coding boot camp, so not matter your preferred coding language, or how much time you have on your hands, you can learn tips and tricks on the fly until you’re a full=fledged coder.

With a recommended retail value of $1,140, this bundle and its providers aren’t messing around, but e-commerce website Stack Commerce is running a discount right now that gets you the entire thing for just $19. No, you read that right. Nineteen dollars. American dollars. Not only that, but Inverse readers can enter the promo code DIGITALWEEK50 and receive an extra 50 percent off at checkout, bringing your total to less than $10.

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