Make Any Air Conditioner "Smart" With This Incredible Gadget

The Alexa-enabled Sensibo makes controlling your home temperature a "breeze."

Stack Commerce

It’s that time of year when, amidst the gentle chirping of song birds, walking through town in the summer features that unmistakeable hum of a million AC units working together in unison. Is there any better invention than the modern air conditioning unit? My answer is no, until they develop one that costs zero dollars and doesn’t increase my electricity bill my approximately eight thousand percent.

Coming close to the “best invention” title, though, is the Sensibo, which allows you to automate and save energy with help from the smart air conditioning controller that makes you feel a little less guilty about cranking the AC in the summer months.

Stack Commerce

Sensibo, $99 down from $149 on Stack Commerce

Compatible with any remote-controlled air conditioner or heat pump, Sensibo takes less than a minute to install and lets you use your smartphone to schedule your AC for optimum efficiency and comfort. Program it to warm the house when you wake up, turn off your AC once you’re asleep, and integrate with Amazon Alexa or Google Home to change temperatures with your voice.

You can program Sensibo to automatically turn your AC on/off using your phone’s location, and even share the controls with multiple users (sorry, but fighting with your roommates about the ideal living temperature is not yet a thing of the past).

You can grab the Sensibo now for more than one third of its regular price on the discount tech site Stack Commerce.

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