'Overlord: JJ Abrams' New Movie Is Basically 'CoD' Zombies in Live Action

And no, it's not a Cloverfield movie.

There’s a new film on the way from producer J.J. Abrams and he swears it has nothing to do with Cloverfield. The trailer for Overlord dropped on July 18 and it should look very familiar to anyone who’s ever has played one of Call of Duty’s many Nazi zombie modes.

The trailer follows a unit of American paratroopers who make an emergency landing in France after their transport is torn apart by anti-air weapons. If you’re a giant history nerd, you may be wondering, “Hey, why is there a black dude in this unit full of white guys?” After all, The US Army wasn’t desegregated until 1948, which is three years after Japan surrendered in 1945.

Then you would see the Nazi zombies and realize that it’s rather silly to expect historical accuracy from a film that has goosestepping undead soldiers.

Of course, this is well-trodden ground for anyone that’s played video games. Call of Duty: World at War featured a co-op mode that pitted four players against hordes of Nazi zombies, and it was so popular that Treyarch subsequently brought it back for all titles in the Black Ops trilogy. Before Call of Duty, the Nazis of Wolfenstein were obsessed with the occult and used terrifying artifacts to unleash terrors from beyond the grave.

Overlord is going to be Bad Robot’s very first R-rated movie, so expect lots of gore. I’m assuming the inevitably gruesome kill scenes will be a guilt free pleasure because our protagonist is dealing with Nazi zombies, a mash-up of the two least sympathetic villains in all of fiction.

So you can probably guess that this movie is rated R.

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Oh and if you were expecting Overlord to be attached to the Cloverfield universe, then J.J. Abrams insists that you are wrong. But don’t worry, he’s still working on a Cloverfield sequel.

Overlord is coming to theaters on October 26.

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