Reddit Enhanced the 'Elder Scrolls VI' Trailer to Reveal the Location Once and for All

It's definitely Hammerfell, right?


Fans are still speculating about where The Elder Scrolls VI will take place. Unfortunately, Bethesda hasn’t made a peep about the setting of the game since the teaser aired at E3 2018, but one Reddit user used professional photography software to dig through the trailer for clues.

On the Elder Scrolls subreddit, redditor kaylenivy enhanced some key shots in the trailer to determine where the game is set. The trailer takes viewers through a cloudy coastline with rocky hills, mountains, and sparse vegetation. kaylenivy cranked the contrast up to make the ocean and sky more vivid, and concluded that this must be the Iliac Bay that’s nestled in between the provinces of High Rock and Hammerfell. More specifically, kaylenivy claims the ruined building in the trailer is the ancient city of Volenfell.

So does this theory have any merit? Well, yes and no. The poster made a decent case for Iliac Bay. That part of the analysis definitely stands up.

However, the claim for Volenfell is much more tenuous. As the commenters in the thread point out, it’s unlikely that single building by a crater could be the Volenfell of legend. When the abandoned city appeared in Elder Scrolls Online, it was definitely more than a single fort.

The ruins of Volenfell look a bit bigger than a single fort.


And unlike the ruins in the trailer, Volenfall is far from Iliac Bay, deep in the Alik’r Desert. Of course, geography has never been a consistent feature in the Elder Scrolls series — the Skyrim of Elder Scrolls V had a noticeably different layout from previous world maps. But if the game is indeed set in Hammerfell, Volenfall will probably be more than just one ruined fort.

kaylenivy’s theory does, however, bolster the current favorite theory that the upcoming game will be set in Hammerfell. An exhaustive investigation from the YouTuber Camelworks built a superb case by digging into the series’ obscure lore.

The seagulls, guys. It’s all in the seagulls.