Where Did the DEA Come Up With These Bizarre Marijuana Slang Terms?

How do you do, fellow kids? 


The US Drug Enforcement Administration does a yearly review of their official slang term collection for every recreational drug, from steroids to Adderall, and boy, is this year’s list something. When it comes to marijuana, the casual language to describe the herb is extensive. But some of the terms the DEA plucked from “law enforcement and open sources” are questionable.

There are 50 brand-new nicknames for weed that growers, dealers, and users purportedly toss around on the mean streets. These names include “shoes.” Also, “my brother.” Additionally, “pasture.” And “plant,” and “red hair,” and “alfalfa.” That’s just the new terminology! The complete list includes everything from “jungle juice” to “mowing the lawn.” That doesn’t even make grammatical sense! Imagine — “Hey, got any mowing the lawn?” That kind of request would immediately arouse suspicion, if that’s what you’re trying to avoid with bizarre code names.

But when searching for evidence of anyone actually using some of these terms, and to do that, Urban Dictionary serves as, again, a perfect reference, the results turn up empty. Even CNN anchor Jake Tapper knows no one calls weed “shoes.”

On the flip side, one could argue that the DEA seems unaware of some relatively common marijuana slang terms, like “pizza.” Not only does it have its own Urban Dictionary definition, but it was a joke in season 1 of Broad City that “pizza” was what the kids are calling pot these days.

The DEA also doesn’t list the terms “keef,” (or “kief”) “gas,” “thirteen,” which TIME considers a common one, or “Jingle Jangle,” which — yeah, that’s the fictional drug from Riverdale. Never mind.

Inverse reached out to a DEA representative to ask for the specifics of how the administration deemed certain words like “shoes” to be marijuana slang as opposed to pop culture mainstays like “gas.” The representative was unable to provide an immediate answer but did thank Inverse for the tip.

The DEA also divides its terminology into plain ole’ weed and marijuana laced with other substances, like heroin, PCP, and cocaine paste. Then there’s an additional listing for hash oil, or marijuana concentrate, and one for synthetic cannabinoids. It’s important to know the difference between “Scooby Snax” and “Smoochy Woochy Poochy.”

Here’s the complete list of newly-recognized marijuana slang terms:

• A-Bomb

• Alfalfa

• Almohada

• AZ

• Bazooka

• Bionic

• Blue Dream

• Branches

• Café

• Cajita

• Camara

• Diosa Verde

• Elefante Pata

• Escoba

• Fattie

• Gallina

• Garifa

• Green Crack

• Greenhouse

• Hoja

• Leña

• Llesca

• Loud

• Lucas

• Manteca

• Mersh

• Mexicali Haze


• My Brother

• Nug

• Palomita

• Pasto

• Pasture

• Peliroja

• Pink Panther

• Pintura

• Plant

• Porro

• Prop 215

• Purple OG

• Red Hair

• Shoes

• Sour OG

• Sticky

• Tangy OG

• Terp

• Terpenes

• Tigitty

• Top Shelf

• Train Wreck

• Trinity OG

• Valle

• Zip

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