'Spider-Man: Far From Home's Big MCU Cameo Might Have Been Revealed 


When Spider-Man made his solo debut in the MCU, he wasn’t alone. Iron Man dropped by several times to help and/or chew Spidey out, deepening the relationship the two characters formed in Civil War. However, Robert Downey Jr. will not appear in the sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home, though there are reports that another familiar face from the MCU will appear in his stead. We might know who that character will be thanks to one “bad motherfucker’s” Instagram.

On Wednesday, Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson shared a picture of a S.H.I.E.L.D. business card with the caption “Back to the familiar, the comfortable, the lovably fierce! Loving today’s mood! #Can’tkeepagoodmandown #deliriouslyfurious.”

Jackson did not state what movie he was shooting for, and while it’s entirely possible that he’s filming reshoots for Captain Marvel, which he is confirmed to star in, the location Jackson tagged in the United Kingdom. Far From Home’s plot will take Peter Parker (Tom Holland) on a summer vacation trip about Europe, and the town of Watford is roughly an hour away from a confirmed Far From Home filming location, Bishop’s Stortford.

Narratively, it could make sense for Nick Fury to be Spider-Man’s new mentor. If Iron Man doesn’t make it out of Avengers 4, then Spidey will need somebody to look after him, and Nick Fury’s already a pretty international kind of guy, so he could monitor the kid overseas. Plus, the dynamic between Fury, a hardened agent with no time for anybody’s bullshit, and Peter Parker, an impulsive teenager, would surely make for fun viewing.

There are a couple other fun details on the business card, which almost certainly is not meant to be a gag, not a real prop that will ever appear on screen. Fury’s position within S.H.I.E.L.D. is listed as “Bad Motherfucker,” a nod to Jackson’s catchphrase ever since his appearance in Pulp Fiction. The phone number (213) 107-5725 didn’t work when Inverse attempted to dial it on Wednesday morning, and the address 525 Wilshire Boulevard is that of a Buddhist event center. Why this cool-looking building is on Nick Fury’s business card is a total mystery.

Spider-Man: Far From Home opens on July 5, 2019.