Thanos From 'Infinity War' Will Purge Half of His Reddit Fans — Here's How

Marvel Studios

A subreddit dedicated to Thanos and his role in Avengers: Infinity War is about to ban half of its subscribers and the Mad Titan himself helped kick off the countdown.

A week ago, /r/thanosdidnothingwrong announced it would ban half of the subscribers to the subreddit on July 9. With less than 24 hours to go, a new thread appeared Sunday from Infinity War co-director Joe Russo titled “Reddit, Thanos has a message for you.” A topless Josh Brolin lying down in bed recorded a short video saying, “Here we go Reddit users,” and then snaps his fingers.

What started off as a meme-filled subreddit dedicated to how Thanos was in the right for wanting to wipe out half of the universe became quite the phenomenon. Started shortly after the release of Avengers: Infinity War, /r/thanosdidnothingwrong grew quickly in popularity with 20,000 subscribers at the beginning of May to more than 528,000 subscribers on Sunday. Leading up to the mass banning, the moderators held special Infinity Stone days such as Time Stone Day and Reality Stone Day in which each day is dedicated to a certain meme. Sunday was Mind Stone Day, or the Battle for Wakanda, where users posted their best Thanos memes in order to “defeat the Avengers with dankness.”

Like Thanos, the mod’s plan for banning half of the users was a little tricky. The original idea was to begin the bans on July 4, but the Reddit admins said that would be a bad idea as the site’s engineers would be out of the office and not prepared for a mass ban. However, with some quick thinking, the moderators for the subreddit and the Reddit admins developed a plan in which a bot will handle the laborious task of banning a quarter of a million accounts and counting.

Those who want to see if they will be spared from the banning or sacrifice themselves for the greater good can subscribe and comment on the ban megathread in the subreddit to be judged.

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