Planning a 4th of July Cookout Is Easy as Pie with This Google Doodle Map

Eat your way across the U.S.


Sifting through the countless recipe websites across the internet to decide what to make for your July Fourth cookout can leave you with more questions then answers. This year’s Independence Day Google Doodle solves that problem by putting the United State’s most popular holiday recipes right at your finger tips in a state-by-state breakdown.

In celebration of the Fourth of July, Google compiled the top searched recipes in every U.S. state and territory — including the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, U.S. Virgin Islands — into an interactive map. Feeling tropical? Hover over Florida for a ceviche recipe. Want some classic American fare? Click on over to Missouri for an out-of-this world burger.

Tapping a state will bring up a tidbit of information regarding the most searched-for recipe of that region. Clicking on the magnifying glass directly under the description will take you to the Google search results for that dish so you can whip up your own version.

In a blog post, the team behind this foodie Google Doodle — or “Foodle” — said they analyzed 12 months worth of search terms for each state and territory. This was all to give users a glimpse into what other people across the nation are cooking up for Independence Day.

To take it a step further, the team also provided a Google Trends page where people can browse through other July Fourth search terms. These include cities were people are searching for “fireworks” the most and what brand of popsicle is the most popular.

So don’t sweat it, all of the answers for Wednesday’s picnic are available before you type anything into the Google search bar.

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