Redditor Electrocutes His Balls to Win Internet Argument

When he nut up, they shut up.


You can call him nuts, but damnit, you can’t say he’s wrong. A man shocked his balls with a lab battery and posted a photo of his nutsack to win an argument on Reddit.

On a thread in the /r/WTF subreddit, users were discussing a photograph of what seemed to be a homemade electric chair found in a derelict building. The photographer said he found some old car batteries nearby which led him to believe the chair was modified to be a makeshift torture device. One responder, anon72c, pointed out that car batteries don’t have enough voltage to harm human beings. The notion that they could be appropriated as torture devices is cinematic fantasy.

Admiral-_-Awesome took issue with anon72c’s answer and urged him to connect a car battery to his nipples or genitals for over a minute, insinuating that anon72c is wrong. That’s when anon72c decided to nut up instead of shut up.

“I am so sick and tired of armchair experts and bullshitting naysayers,” anon72c wrote on Reddit. “Fine.”

The laboratory power supply anon72c used zap his balls.


Anon72c took a lab power supply and set it to 13.8 volts, the same voltage as a car battery attached to a running engine. After tuning the current to the max output of 10 amps, he then clipped the battery onto his wet scrotum after coming right out of the shower, with a very NSFW photograph as proof. He reported feeling nothing more than a “mild, and almost pleasant tingling sensation.”

Inverse reached out to anon72c but he declined to comment.

Can You Really Fry Your Balls With a Car Battery?

Is anon72c right? Anyone who has spent time around cars will tell you that yes, he is. Even if you gripped both the terminals of a car battery during a rainstorm, the most you’d feel is a tingle.

That doesn’t mean car batteries aren’t dangerous — the acid and possibility of explosion means you should follow proper protocol — but it definitely means you can’t get electrocuted by one.

And anon72c is far from the first dude to zap his balls. In 1878, Yale University published a study where doctors attempted to treat penile disorders with electrocution. The doctors claimed that male patients suffering from impotence benefited from being electrocuted in five different areas, including the penis, the scrotum, and even the gooch. Alas, modern medical science has since disproved these claims.

It’s hard to say whether Admiral-_-Awesome was issuing a genuine challenge or was simply trolling, but whatever the intent, it still resulted in an irate man latching a substitute car battery onto his nads at three o’clock in the morning.

“Would you like to go fuck yourself,” anon72c taunted in his response, “Or can I help you with that too?”

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