'Broad City' Had the Best Emmy Snub Response

Abbi Jacobson's Twitter mic-drop.

Emmy nominations are out, stirring their usual flurry of excitement and outrage. Although they acknowledged comedy queen Amy Schumer, they snubbed Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer of Broad City.

Not to be defeated, Jacobson retaliated with the best Emmy snub Tweet in history:

Pegging, of course, was the focus of one of the show’s best episodes. Jacobson finally scores a date with her crush, only to have things go wrong through a series of misunderstandings. Sounds like any other sitcom plot on TV, right? But in typical Broad City fashion, they put a unique, transgressive, and hilarious spin on it:

and part 2:

Broad City has always been fearlessly matter-of-fact with topics TV rarely touches — like woman-on-man anal sex, to pick a random example. The point at which Abbi’s date falls apart isn’t the somewhat unusual sex act itself, but her hipster date’s annoyance that she accidentally messed up his artisan dildo. A lesser show would have tittered at the deed itself. Not Broad City.

The Emmys frequently recognize Girls, which can’t broach a taboo topic without taking on an air of smug self-congratulation. Jacobson’s rebuttal makes her case implicitly: The Emmys missed a chance to reward a show that is both over-the-top and subversively subtle, comedy at its fucking finest.

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