'Elder Scrolls 6' Location News: Crazy Theory Suggests a New Setting

Does this theory have legs?

Bethesda’s upcoming Elder Scrolls VI is still very far away, but that hasn’t stopped fans from trying to squeezing that sweet conspiracy juice. This time, the latest theory about the game’s setting comes from longtime Elder Scrolls music composer Jeremy Soule’s Instagram account.

Jeremy Soule has been making music for video games for a long time, but he’s most famously associated with Elder Scrolls. He’s been composing scores for all the main games in the franchise since The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. You can thank Soule for the unofficial Elder Scrolls theme song that gets covered and renamed with each game.

Soule’s importance to the franchise is why he set off another round of rumors when he posted up a painting on Instagram without comment. It was “A Calm at a Mediterranean Port” by the French artist Claude-Joseph Vernet.

Majid Alammari, a fan on Twitter and The Elder Scrolls subreddit, took this and ran with it, noting that the province of Hammerfell in Elder Scrolls is heavily inspired by North Africa and the Middle East.

Alammari also retweeted a post from Soule in February when the composer was asked if he had received any concept art for Elder Scrolls VI. Soule cryptically responded that he couldn’t confirm or deny anything.

So does this theory have legs? Jeremy Soule hasn’t been officially confirmed for Elder Scrolls VI, but c’mon, there’s no way he’s not coming back. However, he’s also a man of broad tastes. His Instagram is filled with all kinds of portraits of different things and places. He had a spree of posting ships in bottles earlier in June, but I don’t take that as a hint that the next Elder Scrolls will feature a sailing mechanic.

Still, Alammari’s theory is plausible because of the fan theories that came before it. The earliest theories pegged High Rock as the setting for the next game, but YouTube creator Camelworks created a strong case for Hammerfall.

As for when this game is actually coming out, keep holding your breath. Todd Howard has a date in mind but he hasn’t even told his kids yet.