Forget ‘Incredibles 3,’ This Is the Next Superhero Movie Pixar Should Make

Amazing fan art shows how incredible a Frozone spin-off would be.


It’s probably only a matter of time before Incredibles 2 gets a sequel, even if it takes another 14 years. Pixar’s latest movie is a huge hit, and the door’s open for Incredibles 3 thanks to a small post-credits tease. But instead of revisiting the super-powered Parr family yet again, writer-director Brad Bird should take his inspiration from a piece of fan art that shines the spotlight on Frozone instead.

Created by DeviantArt user chill13, the fan-made poster shows Frozone (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) posing for a family picture with his wife and their three elementally powered young children. It was created back in 2016, long before ‘Incredibles 2’ even got its first trailer, but a tweet posted earlier this week launched this excellent fan art back into the conversation.

Frozone and his family

In a quick online exchange, the artist confirmed to Inverse that he created the image years ago and was surprised to see his DeviantArt page flooded with new comments.

“I am completely shocked,” he said. “I just learned about this last night. There are so many other artists that have mae amazing pics out there. I’m super surprised mine has made it so far.”

As for the actual movie, it pretty much writes itself. Frozone’s first feature could pick up where ‘Incredibles 2’ left off, telling the story of another super family coming out of the shadows after years of hiding their powers. Pixar could also use the story to tackle racial issues, similar to the way The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 explore gender stereotypes in a family dynamic.

Just in case the animation studio still needs a little more motivation, the artist also helpfully gave the rest of the Frozone family a backstory and some character traits to help get things started. Here’s the full image description (via DeviantArt):

Superheros are supposed to keep their powers a secret from those who don’t have them. They have a hero life and an alter ego life. But when Lucius Best (aka Frozone) met the girl of his dreams, a sassy, on the move little thing, he couldn’t help but show off a little bit….like refreezing that dripping ice cream or making it snow on that hot June day. She was impressed. But not just by the man’s ability to create ice out of thin air but the warm heart behind all that charisma and sarcasm. It wasn’t long before the two of them tied the knot.
She was a pillar of support for him when the supers had to go into hiding, and stayed a friend to the Parrs as well.
Not too long after the fateful court case that sent them all underground Honey found herself pregnant with triplets. They were stunned to discover that the children were all supers.
Ember, the oldest by five minutes, is a bit of a know-it-all. she’s always studying and looking up new things so she feels that gives her the right to tell her siblings what’s what. She also likes setting things on fire.
Tyson is the middle child. He’s quiet and fairly reserved. He has discovered that he has a special connection to plantlife and is often found talking to trees.
Brooke, the youngest, is full of life and fun. She loves a good practical joke and is always trying to make people laugh. Much like her father she can pull moisture out of the air and control it and with the addition of being able to control the air currents she can have a lot of fun with her own personal weather. Or…just making a rain cloud over her brother.

Sounds like another box office hit, but fingers crossed there’s no cataclysmic crossover like in Avengers: Infinity War.