'Metro Exodus' Gameplay Plot: Everything That Happened in the Previous Game

Nukes, psychic mutants, and Neo Nazis fighting communists in subway stations.

4A Games debuted a new trailer for Metro Exodus at E3 2018, but not many gamers are familiar with the series. That’s a shame because the two previous titles, Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, are great. If you’re new to the Metro games (or you just forgot what happened) here’s a refresher to catch you up on the story so far.

It’s a Dangerous Underworld in Metro 2033

Metro takes place in a post-apocalyptic Russia. Humanity endures underground after nuclear war turned the surface into a poisonous wasteland overrun by monsters. This is a world so hardcore that bullets have become a form of currency.

Players take on the role of Artyom, a young man who was raised inside the Russian metro his whole life. When mysterious humanoids called Dark Ones attacks his home station, Exhibition, Artyom leaves to enlist help from other surviving humans. He’s joined by Khan, a suspiciously talented soldier and vaguely Central Asian wanderer who seems to know a lot about strange phenomena in the metro.

Country rooooooads, take me hooo-- wait, wrong game.

4A Games, Deep Silver

But monsters aren’t the only dangerous thing about the metro. The communists of the Red Line and the Neo Nazis of the Fourth Reich have been warring for years, and Artyom gets caught in the crossfire.

When Artyom finally finds the Dark Ones, he bombs them into oblivion. Unfortunately, this was a douche move because it turns out the Dark Ones were actually humans mutated from the nukes and they were acting in self-defense this whole time. Oops. On to the next game.

That Artyom guy is a real jackass.

Komodo Saurian, 4A Games, Deep Silver

In Metro Last Light Artyom Gets a Shot at Redemption

A year after the events of Metro 2033, Artyom is now a member of the Rangers, an elite order of soldiers who roam the most dangerous parts of the surface and underground. Khan comes back to tell Artyom that there is another Dark One, a child who is being held captive by Red Line.

It turns out that Artyom had hallucinations of Dark Ones because he’s psychically linked to them. He saves the kid from General Korbut, the big bad leading the Red Line, and finds another group of surviving Dark Ones who have been hibernating in a secret metro.

The game’s title comes from Artyom, who refers to the little Dark One as “the last light of hope” (d’awww).

And with that, you’re pretty much caught up! Metro Exodus is shaking things up by taking up topside, and I’m excited to see what 4A Games comes up with next. More Khan, I hope.

Metro Exodus is set to release on February 22, 2019.

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