Build Robots, Trackers, and Computers With The Raspberry Pi

We have a wild deal on the ultimate Raspberry Pi 3B starter kit.

Stack Commerce

The Raspberry Pi is a fascinating tool. Who would’ve thought that a credit card-sized piece of machinery has the ability to create a multitude of projects? With the right hardware and codes, you can build useful items like home surveillance systems, water coolers, hell, even gaming consoles.

As far as entry-level tech and robotics projects go, the Pi can’t be beat. It’s one of the most beloved and popular products out there for everyone from computing enthusiasts to kids. As that old saying on the side of board games goes: this is for everyone ages 8 to 80.

We’ve expounded on the virtues of the Pi before, originally made by academics and technicians to ramp up floundering interest in computer science in 2008, this low-cost mini-computer uses Python programming to inspire a multitude of projects, whether you want to pick up basic programming or build a robot. But where do you get your hands on one? How do you decide on which peripherals you need. Where do you start?

The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 3B Starter Kit is here to help. Not only does this bundle include your very own Raspberry Pi 3B, but you’ll also get 37 sensor peripherals to build pretty much anything you can dream of. Not only that, but this bundle includes four different courses on how to get the absolute most out of any Pi project you want to dive into, from the basics of Python to assembling your very own GPS tracker like you’re in a spy movie or something.

Normally, the cost of the Pi, the 37 sensors, and this course bundle would combine to retail at a value of $529. Not cheap. However, Inverse has partnered with Stack Commerce to offer a whopping 72 percent off for a limited time. That’s right: everything in this bundle can be yours forever for just $145.99. A truly insane deal.