‘Hereditary’ Spoilers: Milly Shapiro Responds to Fans Clucking in Theaters

There's always one. 

Proper theater etiquette usually consists of no talking and putting a phone on silent, however, some rude people who watched the new horror film Hereditary are doing something else to distract other theatergoers. Well, popular movie chain, the Alamo Drafthouse, isn’t going to put up with it.

In Hereditary, Charlie (played by Milly Shapiro) makes a clucking sound with her tongue throughout the movie. The unnerving sound adds to the character’s persona, but as always, there are people that have to ruin the experience by making their own clucking noise while watching the film. The Alamo Drafthouse, known for its strict no talking and no texting policy, released a warning for those who think it’s “funny” to join in with the clucking featuring Shapiro.

The film’s director, Ari Aster, told Inverse that the clucking sound was a plot device designed to be memorable and became “more of a thing.”

During a Q&A appropriately enough at the Brooklyn Alamo Drafthouse location, Shapiro explained how she used the Stella Adler acting method to tap into an animal’s characteristic in order to bring her character, Charlie, alive. Specifically, Shapiro said she chose a turtle for her outer animal since her character likes to go inside herself, and a snake as her inner animal since they’re usually seen as evil but they’re also misunderstood.

Hereditary released in theaters on June 8 to high praise from critics. The film currently has a 92 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also done well at the box office by coming in at number four during its debut weekend with $13 million in domestic ticket sales.

Those who watched Hereditary saw some brutal scenes and a crazy ending, which made the movie such a wild ride. As exciting as it was, one actor doesn’t think there should be a sequel.

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