'Super Mario Party' Announced for Nintendo Switch

And it has an awesome new multiplayer mode.


Nintendo kicked off its E3 2018 presentation with a brand new Mario Party game, and it’s taking advantage of a unique Switch feature.

Players can share and combine their Switch accessories to change how the game plays. In one example, two Switch tablets were placed together side by side to create a bigger mini-game map, then later moved again into different angles to show that the map changes depends on where the tablets are placed.

Switch tablets can also be used as an alternative to split screens. In another scene showed two pairs of players facing off against each other, each using their own Switch tablet.

The mini-games have also been designed with the Switch’s motion-sensitive controller in mind. There’s a cooking mini-game that turns the Switch controller into a skillet which you flip to out-sauté your opponents. The new bicycle race mini-game is a variation of the shake-it-up event in previous titles, and players must throttle their controllers left and right to pedal across to the finish line.

You can alter the playing field by moving around your tablet.


Fans who have been looking forward to Super Mario Party have requested an online multiplayer mode long before it was announced, but Nintendo has not confirmed or denied the feature yet.

Nintendo also hasn’t acknowledged the true appeal of Super Mario Party as a vicious social darwinist simulation which unearths the most selfish and opportunistic pits of the human heart. Do not be deceived by the cute packaging. There are teams in Mario Party, but they changed with every mini-game, and only one player can win in the end. The result is a game where there are no permanent alliances, only permanent interests.

Get prepared to screw your friends over when Super Mario Party launches on Oct. 5 for Nintendo Switch. We’ll update with more details as

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