Where to Find 'Fortnite's Most Underrated Landing Spots

Lots of loot, minimal jabronis.

by Inverse Video

Where you land in Fortnite is ultimately going to determine if you’ll survive the first five minutes of the game. Some spots are just too popular and get overrun with trigger-happy opportunists. If you want to stay safe and still get dope loot, we have compiled our favorite, lesser-known landing spots in the ultra-popular survival game.

6. The Ice Cream Zone

Sticking to the outskirts of the map is always a good idea. Risky Reels is OK, but what’s even better is an unnamed spot just northeast of there. There are a few houses and an ice cream truck that sometimes spawn two chests at once. It’s tiny, but it’s guaranteed to get you a few good guns. This is a great starter spot if you find yourself deep in the northeast corner of the map.

5. Tilted Towers Lite

Tilted Towers is a crapshoot of overconfident players ready to shoot each other with whatever garbage gun they find first after landing. A good strategy is to land anywhere on the outskirts. Then give yourself a bit of a gap between the action but close enough where you can pray on unsuspecting “Tower Tonys,” which is what we like to call people who land at the Towers every time. Get yourself a sniper and get ready to take out some Tonys.

4. Haunted Junkyard

Just east of Junk Junction and Haunted Hills is a beautiful little spot that produces way more chests than it has any right to. It never gets a lot of traffic, there’s great loot, and if you make your way a little south to the graveyard, there’s a bunch of cover among the tombstones. It’s a win-win, except for the deceased whose burial sites you’re desecrating. They’ll get over it.

3. The Porcelain Throne

Just northeast of the Flush Factory, there’s a hilltop that’s a seriously underrated landing zone. You’ll know you’ve found it when you see some shopping carts, a lamp, and, obviously, the throne. Even better, land at this toilet while playing Fortnite on your toilet for some serious bathroom Inception. Keep your eyes out for a chest or two around the throne, and then make your way to the nearest town with all of your goodies.

2. The Big Red Spot

Lucky Landing is dope. Just north of it, there’s a brownish red spot on your map that’s actually a temple-like building. Land here. It’s great. Land on the roof, pickaxe through the first couple floors, and you’ll be set. There’s definitely a chest in there, plenty of loot, and it’s close enough to Lucky Landing if you want to make some enemies. Then look for the big red spot. It’s your new best friend.

1. The Architect’s House

Ah, yes. The infamous, unofficially named Architect’s House. It’s way up in the northeast corner of the map and has some good loot, like a vending machine. But the best part is that you have about a dozen good options for your next move: You have a few hundred pieces of wood down in the Wailing Woods, you can run the coast to go hang out with the big fox, or even go grab some ice cream. The world is your oyster. It’s a custom house with editable features, so feel free to camp out and make this place your castle.

See you guys on the bus.

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