Become a Meeting MVP With a Discount on This Incredible App

Pinstriped Premium can't make meetings fun, but it can make them a hell of a lot easier.

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Having a job has its upsides, sure: Financial stability, camaraderie amongst you and your coworkers, ignoring emails on a Friday afternoon (note to my editors: I definitely do not do this.) But there are also drawbacks. Case in point: Terrible pointless meetings that go on forever where no one has anything to say but you need to look busy and professional and engaged anyway.

Meetings shouldn’t be a waste of time and resources but they somehow always find a way off the rails. Pinstriped is a piece of powerful software designed to keep your meetings structured, on-task, and action-oriented. Just schedule the meeting, prepare an agenda, and Pinstriped streamlines the entire process by recording actions and decisions and giving you the power to share content and action-items in just a click.

With Pinstriped, you’ll be able to keep your meeting on task and moving forward with a structured agenda that updates as you work through the agenda. You can organize content in talking points, files, links, decisions, and even add actions and decisions as they arise during the meeting. It’s also the perfect tool for preparing other people before a meeting, and providing an accurate and essential recap afterward. We can’t make meetings fun, but we sure can make them easier.

A lifetime subscription to Pinstripe’s service doesn’t usually come cheap: in fact, it’ll run you $400 under usual circumstances. But we’ve got a special deal for a limited time, and right now Inverse readers can click this link and get unlimited access forever for just $39.99. That’s 90% off. You and your coworkers with thank you later.

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