DC Is Rebooting Vertigo With 7 New Adult-Oriented Comic Books

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DC Comics

In 1993, under the stewardship of Karen Berger, DC Comics launched Vertigo, a subdivision where comic creators got to tell provocative, adult stories they couldn’t in mainstream comics because of the archaic Comics Code Authority. But it’s been a hot minute since Vertigo mattered as much as it did throughout the ‘90s and early ‘00s. Now, in 2018, Vertigo is getting a major resurrection.

On Thursday, DC announced the relaunch of Vertigo with seven new creator-owned comics launching in 2018 and three more in 2019. Under the guidance of former Batman editor Mark Doyle, who was promoted last year to helm the newly-titled DC Vertigo and Young Animal — another imprint with comics for adults — the revived imprint has assembled offbeat talents whose proven works fall outside the typical Wednesday pulls and into the realms of podcasting, TV, activism, and music.

“It’s time to rebuild DC Vertigo,” Doyle said in a statement. “We’re returning to our roots by spotlighting the most exciting new voices in comics, as well as bringing new voices to comics.” He added that DC Vertigo will continue the legacy of telling “sophisticated stories” with “amazing new characters and vast worlds to explore.”

In its heyday, Vertigo published influential titles like 100 Bullets, Fables, Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, Y: The Last Man, Swamp Thing, and Hellblazer. Now, DC Vertigo will relaunch with a fresh slate of new comics.

The new Vertigo logo.DC Vertigo

“That’s what it has always been about for me—new stories, new voices, new possibilities,” Doyle said. “We’re creating a new generation of DC Vertigo classics for readers of all genres.”

See previews of them in the slideshow below.

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