'Guardians of the Galaxy' Director Confirms Easter Egg, Half a Fan Theory


Another day, another Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg. However, this latest little bit of hidden lore isn’t director James Gunn’s fabled missing Easter egg from the first Guardians film, but a smaller, still neat one from the sequel, vol. 2. However, Gunn pumped the breaks on part of a fan theory that would have had huge implications for Mantis, Star-Lord, and Ego the Living Planet.

When Ego is showing Peter how he slept around the galaxy in an attempt to sire an heir who shared his Celestial powers, the way Peter did, we see evidence of his sexual exploits in a diorama in the background. On Tuesday, Gunn revealed that “many” fans have pointed out that you can see what appears to be Ego making out with a member of Mantis’ species.

According to Gunn, some fans took this to mean that Mantis is actually Peter Quill’s half-sister, and that Ego made his child serve as his attendant/slave rather than kill her when she, like the mountain of corpses underneath the surface of the planet, lacked Celestial powers.

Gunn says that’s not the case though, and that all the Easter egg means is that Ego hooked-up with a member of Mantis’ species, not that he’s the heroine’s dad. Here’s Gunn:

MANY of you have been writing me about a discovered Easter egg in #GotG Vol. 2, where Ego apparently seems to have been with a female of Mantis’ species. Yes, I can confirm this is correct. However, you don’t necessarily need to infer anything else from this information. Whatever the case, good find!!

Stay tuned next week when somebody spots another Guardians of the Galaxy Easter egg and forces Gunn to comment on it.