'Avengers' Fan Theory Predicts How Captain America Could Leave the MCU

Steve Rogers could bow out in an unexpected way.

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Could Captain America leave the Marvel Cinematic Universe without dying? A new theory shared on Reddit Monday sheds light on how Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, could avoid meeting a gruesome fate as some may have suspected from the film series’ trajectory. The theory, originally shared on Instagram, focuses on ideas being shared around the upcoming Avengers 4 movie. Note that the below may contain spoilers for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“So the entire theory revolves around time travel being a big plot point in Avengers 4,” wrote Reddit user knoxvile10. “It doesn’t matter really what they use it for but just that it is used. The theory speculated that once Thanos is defeated and half the universe is brought back Steve Rogers uses whatever they’ve been time traveling with to go back to 1940 and stay there with Peggy Carter to live out the rest of his life with her. This way it’s an emotional sendoff to one of the most beloved characters in the MCU and it completes his character arc.”

Rogers’ death has been a source of great speculation for movie fans, as the comic books outline how the mantle of Captain America passes to a friend and ally. Rogers is assassinated in the 2007 story arc “The Death of Captain America,” and his will reveals that he wants the role to pass to Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. Bucky agrees, on the basis that he receives his independence away from Stark, S.H.I.E.L.D., and the Initiative.

In the comics, it’s later revealed that Rogers didn’t actually die, and the Reddit fan theory also opens up some unique possibilities by avoiding his death. Reddit user pylestothemax noted that “this could lead to him helping build S.H.I.E.L.D. to be what it should have been without Hydra inside.”

Marvel has a slew of movies in the works set to shed further light on the fictional universe. Ant-Man and the Wasp is set to debut on July 6, while Captain Marvel will follow next year with a tentative release date of March 8.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is not standing still just yet.

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