Become a Master Coder in No Time With This Insanely Discounted Bundle

Pay what you want to learn a bunch of different coding languages.

Unsplash / Jefferson Santos

The prospect of diving into the world of computer programming and coding can be overwhelming. There are seemingly a ton of coding languages, and it’s hard to decide where and how to begin. Not to mention, getting quality tech training can cost you thousands of dollars, and time you simply don’t have. Not anymore.

Learning to code is perhaps one of the most important steps someone can take in securing their future in terms of job prospects, and as far as even hobbies go, coding is an essential skill that’s only going to become more important as time goes on. There’s no better place to start (and, for that matter, finish, than the Coding 101 Bundle, the ultimate collection of courses to teach you everything you need to know.

The Coding 101 Bundle offers fundamental courses in pretty much every important programming language and format. With this one purchase, you’ll get beginners courses in the following:

HTML & CSS, PHP/MySQL, JavaScript, GitHub, Python, Ruby on Rails, “Intro to Web Development”, Java Programming, jQuery

Not only that, but for a limited time, this ten-section bundle is available at an insanely discounted price. If you were to add up the individual classes on offer here, the price would amount to $1,990. Instead, right now all you have to do is pay what you want. Seriously, just beat the average price people are paying (currently $12.10), and you’ll take home everything this nearly $2,000 course has to offer. Why wouldn’t you go for this?